I Want To Be A Lawyer

What is a lawyer? What does a lawyer do? Lawyers represent people. That is what they do. 

Ever since I was young, I dream of being lawyers. I want to be that cool and flamboyant guy defending my client from unjust accusations. I want to be that man known to uphold justice and moral values. Most of all, I want to be that person who people would turn to when they are in need of representation for their persecution. Thus, it is no wonder why I decided to earn a degree in law.

Yes. I know for a fact that my chances of becoming a heroic lawyer are slim. I am not belittling myself or undermining my knowledge. Becoming a lawyer is hard and that is a FACT! You have to memorize huge and thick books about various laws. Aside from memorizing them, you have to understand them and dig deep to the true meaning of each passed law.

And don’t get me started with the exams. Man, exams are tough. It would become tougher as years go by. The toughest exam would be taking the bar. Taking the bar exam will bleed you dry – figuratively speaking. If it was literal, then no one would want to become a lawyer because they would die just by taking the bar exam.

Friends ask me what kind of lawyer I would be. Would I be a criminal lawyer, medical lawyer, DUI lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer or other types of lawyer? I don’t know. Perhaps, I need to ace my exams first before I think of any law specialization. But right now, I am leaning towards being a prosecutor. Though most prosecutors don’t make a lot of money, prosecutors are rich when it comes to the smiles they give to victims. And I want to be that kind of lawyer.

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