Law school is not totally difficult

When I tell people I meet that I am in law school a lot of them would ask how hard law school is? They assume that it is really hard and that it is very difficult to cope, especially since all the students are very competitive. But the truth is it is far from what they have imagined. Yes, there’s a lot of workload, but so far I am still able to manage. The professors are strict but not all of them are gloomy or dreary. In fact, lectures are enjoyable.

I admit the exams are hard but if you study at heart and memorize the things you need to memorize, you can pass the exams. I don’t want to brag but I have never failed an exam since I started law school. Studying truly pays off and it makes exams easier that many would initially believe.  Most of all, attending law school is not too difficult for me because I enjoy it. I love what I do and perhaps that is the reason why I don’t find law school as difficult as what others have imagined.

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