My Mice Nesting Search Challenge!

There has been an alarming increase of mouse sightings at our home recently and his prompted me to look for them. I want to find where they are nesting. Well, technically, it would not be easy. Mice and rats tend to nest away from the sights of humans. They would build nests in places you have long forgotten or places wherein you would never imagine visiting like for instance behind or underneath your large appliances, packed away drawers and boxes, crawl spaces, attic, garage, basement and etc. Considering the possible nesting sites, I realized that it would take me a lot of time just to check them one by one.

It was hard work you know. The refrigerator was too heavy to move on my own and I can barely squeeze myself under our crawl space. Furthermore, I had to face cobwebs, other critters and worry about myself. A mouse might suddenly appear and bite me! Who knows what that bite would lead to? I mean man, this stuff is really meant for professional termite treatment Los Angles but since I volunteered myself to do the job, then I must see this through. It has become my responsibility and I don’t shrink away from responsibilities.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! And accepted I did.

Well, it took me almost an entire day until I was able to locate all the mice nesting sites at our home and I was surprised to see they have built a small community. I found one behind the drywall. There’s another underneath the kitchen sink. Then there’s one on the attic, under the washing machine and dryer and the large 50yr-old cabinet. I even saw some babies… cute yet disgusting.

It was an interesting experience but I don’t think I would be willing to take up the task again. It is really tiring. Better call the professionals next time!

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