A Huge Regret Today And A Promise In The Future

Stallion Moving Denver

You know I feel tired right now and I don’t have enough sleep however there’s still one thing inside my mind that is keeping me up. The person I like is moving out of the city… and I haven’t even tried to confess my feelings. I guess I am a coward. I have become comfortable with the situation between us and I am afraid to ruin our beautiful friendship.

Yes… I understand I need to confess before I would forever lose the person I love but I am afraid to take the step. I don’t want to hear the answer. It might be no. It might be yes. 50:50 in other words. And either way, I would be difficult for me to see my love again. Maybe we can still get in touch over Facebook, Skype and over the phone but nothing beats being together physically, wherein we can touch our hands and laugh together.

Maybe I am just a fool. We even went together to the Movers Denver just to get an appointment. My heart was cringing that time. I want to cry. I want to hug my love. I want to be upfront with my feelings. But it seems like I cannot find the strength to do so. In the end, I found a part of myself being satisfied while at the same time horrified that this time we spent together would never last. Perhaps, I would try tomorrow. I would try to tell my love the feelings I have. I know nothing may change. The results remain the same. The move cannot be cancelled. But if by strange luck the move gets canceled, then I’d be glad. I’d be glad indeed.

And if I am lucky and my feelings get reciprocated then I’d be more than glad. Perhaps I might even die because of bliss. Ok that would not happen but I hope it will.

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