I Love The Night

images (2)You know, I’m gonna marry the night. Lols. That’s just a joke. I just love the night.

I don’t know why I love the night but maybe it is because night is way different than the day.

The day is crowded and noisy, while the night is quiet and calm – well, not all the time but still it is quieter and calmer during the night. This is because most people are either asleep or off to their usual nightly rituals.

I love the night because it is cooler than the day. There’s no beating sun. There are lesser emissions from cars. Most of all, the night is cooler because everything is at cool down, especially the mood and temperance of most people. During the day, there are a lot of people who are cranky and in foul mood.

I love the night because it is the time for spirits, spectres and anything that goes bump in the night. You see, I have always been fascinated with ghosts, fairies and spooks ever since I was a kid and I was told by my granny that they roam the night, especially at the darkest corners of the night. Yes, it is scary and whether it is true or not, I always look forward to seeing one when I am out at night.

images (3)I love the night because that is also the time when Mother Nature is mostly alive. It is during the night when we hear crickets play their relaxing tune. It is also during the night when fireflies light up. Night is also the time when we see various bugs take flight – well, we see a lot of them because they are mostly attracted to the lights we have at our home. And as someone who loves bugs, I kind like it even more

But then again, I have come to love the night because I currently live in the suburbs. If I was in the middle of the city, the night would still be crowded, noisy and hot. Spooks would stay away from the city and you can never hear crickets play their tune.

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