It’s all About The Quote

Did you know that moving companies were supposed to provide free moving quotes? So if the representative you are speaking over the phone is not interested in providing a free quote, then you should call another company instead. If they are not going to provide a free quote, there’s a huge chance you might be at the receiving end of an unreasonable bill once the moving is done.

Many moving companies have done this in the past. I’m not sure how did this thing happened but there are just some people dumb enough to ignore this.

But even though the company offers a free moving quote, you should be careful as well. You see, a lot of rogue moving companies would state a remarkable quote over the phone. Then when they have loaded all your belongings on their truck, you would be surprise to see additional fees and other hidden fees on your billing. If you don’t pay the bill, they would use your belongings as hostage. And since you want them back, you would be forced to pay that unreasonably high bill. So, the quote you received over the phone only served as bait and seeing that it was cheap you were captured hook, line and sinker.

If you call Movers Denver and request for a quote, it is important to ask for details. You know, you need to have your quote explained so that you would be prepared. Of course, if the moving company wants to satisfy their client, they would do their best to provide a thorough explanation. After all, for a good moving company, customer satisfaction matters the most.

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