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I Love The Night

You know, I’m gonna marry the night. Lols. That’s just a joke. I just love the night. I don’t know why I love the night but maybe it is because night is way different than the day. The day is crowded and noisy, while the night is quiet and calm – well, not all the… Continue Reading →

No Gift For Me This Christmas

Christmas Season is gradually coming to rest and a lot of people have already received gifts from their family, friends and colleagues. But not me! I have been waiting for a gift since the month of December started and I have never received one. Nothing. NADA! ZERO! WHY! WHYYYy! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Am I not loved? Am… Continue Reading →

Law school is not totally difficult

When I tell people I meet that I am in law school a lot of them would ask how hard law school is? They assume that it is really hard and that it is very difficult to cope, especially since all the students are very competitive. But the truth is it is far from what… Continue Reading →

I Want To Be A Lawyer

What is a lawyer? What does a lawyer do? Lawyers represent people. That is what they do.  Ever since I was young, I dream of being lawyers. I want to be that cool and flamboyant guy defending my client from unjust accusations. I want to be that man known to uphold justice and moral values…. Continue Reading →